Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Inventory Management

Tighten inventory management processes to help increase operational efficiency across your business, improve customer service, and reduce inventory and distribution costs with Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Increased automation and item tracking capabilities help you improve inventory accuracy and better match the goods you have on hand with customer demand.

Help reduce purchasing and inventory costs. Connect inventory control, purchasing, and sales order processing with demand planning and help reduce costs, improve cash flow, and help ensure that you have the right stock available when you need it.

Gain visibility into inventory processes. Effectively balance availability with demand and track items and their possible expiration dates throughout the supply chain to help minimize on-hand inventory, optimize replenishment, and increase warehoue efficiency.

Improve customer satisfaction. Make more accurate order promises and intelligent last-minute exceptions with access to up-to-date inventory information. Respond quickly and knowledgably to customer queries for improved customer service.

Reduce time to market. With integrated order, inventory, and distribution processes, as well as item tracking capabilities, your business can reduce manual data entry and get your goods to market fast.

Download the Inventory Management Fact Sheet

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